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Bankruptcy FAQs

Provided below are our answers to five frequently asked questions pertaining to the federal Bankruptcy Code and Massachusetts state bankruptcy laws. We are happy to address any additional questions that you may have. Contact Liss Law, LLC at 617-505-4113.

1) How much does it costs to file a case under chapter 7 (or chapter 13/chapter 11)?

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing: $306
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing: $281,
  • Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing: $1,046.

2) If I file bankruptcy do I have to go to court? If so, when?

Yes, you do have to go to the court for a meeting of creditors. If your case is one under chapter 7 then your meeting will take place 30 days after the date you filed. If it is chapter 13 then the meeting is held anywhere from 30-60 days after filing. Chapter 11 cases are much more complex and there is no "rule of thumb" answer with regard to a time frame.

3) Do I have to tell all of my creditors that I filed bankruptcy or can I leave some out?

Yes, but it is the court, not you, who lets them know about it. You give the court the list of addresses and the court sends out the Order for Relief on its own letterhead. The purpose of this is to protect you and because if they got some letter from you saying you filed bankruptcy they will be more apt to ignore it and harass you. When they get a notice from a federal court signed by a judge it sends a message of legitimacy and respect.

4) What are all of these papers I'm filling out?

The forms you fill out make up your bankruptcy "petition." It's called a petition because it is supposed to instill the idea that you are coming to the court asking for relief afforded by the Code. If the court deems you to be truthful and in conformity with the Code then you will be granted the relief you seek.

5) Do I have to sign and date every single page?

No, in fact your attorney will electronically sign most of the pages for you. But your electronic signature is deemed to be the SAME as if you signed the form yourself. This district requires you physically sign only two (2) pages. First, you must sign Local Form 7, which is a district-specific form that says that you read and understood every page of your petition and that your signature is your testimony that your petition is true and accurate. Second, there is a new local rules that says that the third page of your bankruptcy petition must be physically signed by you and your lawyer.

For more information, or to speak to a Liss Law, LLC legal professional, please call 617-505-4113.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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